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  Employee Pick from June 2007: "A Movie You Would Recommend"
  Reviewer:Dan    Score:    Posted:5/31/2007

If you’re a regular customer of Movietime Video, you’ve seen the posters hanging all over the store advertising this movie. Have you ever wondered what they’re for? Now’s your chance to find out! This is a film written and directed by our resident aspiring filmmaker Andrew Murga, and starring all of us. In the Fall of 2004 we spent many nights after the store was closed filming this comedy-horror about a group of employees who are besieged by the walking dead after being locked in the store by a couple of very nasty self-centered video store owners. Andrew then spent six months editing the film, and former employees Logan and Lucas Welliver composed a completely original score and soundtrack for it. While this movie may not be winning any Academy Awards in the near future, a lot of love and effort went into making it, and we think you’ll get a few good scares and a lot of good laughs when you see what really happens when the lights go out at night here at Movietime!

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