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   Movie Lists: Wake-Up Call
      Documentaries to help us all learn more about what's truly going on in the world.

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8: The Mormon Proposition   (2010 - DVD)
Director: Reed Cowan, Steven Greenstreet

A searing indictment of the Mormon Church's historic involvement in the promotion and passage of California’s Proposition 8, and the Mormon religion’s secretive, decades-long campaign against gay rights.

Rated R for some language/sexual referencesGenre: Spec. Interest-Politics  Run Time: 80 minutes   Release Date: 7/13/2010   Nights: 7   Status: (Buy for $1.00)

Casino Jack   (2010 - DVD)
Director: George Hickenlooper
Starring: Kevin Spacey, Barry Pepper, Kelly Preston, Jon Lovitz, Daniel Kash, Graham Greene, Rachelle Lefevre, Maury Chaykin

Two-time Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey delivers a "bravura performance" (The New Yorker) in this "uproarious, riveting and wickedly hilarious" (Elle) film inspired by a true story. Spacey stars as Jack Abramoff, the real-life Washington power player who resorted to jaw-dropping levels of fraud and corruption. High-rolling excess and outrageous escapades are all in a day’s work for Abramoff, as he goes to outrageous lengths to promote the Indian gambling industry, earning him the nickname Casino Jack. But when Jack and his womanizing protégé Michael Scanlon (Barry Pepper) enlist a dimwitted business partner (Jon Lovitz) for an illegal scheme, they find themselves ensnared in a web of greed and murder that explodes into a worldwide scandal.

Rated R for pervasive language, some violence and brief nudityGenre: Drama-Comedy  Run Time: 109 minutes   Release Date: 4/5/2011   Nights: 7   Status: (Buy for $1.00)

Chicago 10   (2007 - DVD)
Director: Brett Morgen
Starring: Mark Ruffalo, Jeffrey Wright, Liev Schreiber, Hank Azaria, Nick Nolte, Dylan Baker, James Urbaniak, Roy Scheider, Megan Armitage

From Brett Morgen, director of The Kid Stays in the Picture, comes a highly-stylized and wildly original documentary film chronicling the real-life events surrounding the anti-war protest of the 1968 Democratic National Convention held in Chicago, and the charismatic protest organizers brought to trial by the city. Told through a visually-arresting animation style and a bold use of archival footage and music, Chicago 10 channels yesterday's voices for peace in a manner that speaks peace for today.

Rated R for language and brief sexual imagesGenre: Spec. Interest-Politics  Run Time: 90 minutes   Release Date: 8/26/2008   Nights: 7   Status: (Buy for $1.00)

Dark Days   (2000 - DVD)
Director: Marc Singer

In the pitch black of the tunnel rats swarm through piles of garbage as high-speed trains leaving Penn Station tear through the darkness. For some of those who have gone underground it has been home for as long as twenty-five years. Deeply moving and surprisingly entertaining Dark Days is an eye-opening experience that shatters the myths of homelessness by revealing a thriving community living in the tunnels beneath Penn Station in New York.

Not RatedGenre: Spec. Interest-Wake Up Call  Run Time: 84 minutes   Release Date: 4/1/2003   Nights: 7   Status: (Buy for $1.00)

Dive! Living off America's Waste   (2010 - DVD)
Director: Jeremy Seifert

Every year in America we throw away 96 billion pounds of food - 263 million pounds a day!

Inspired by a curiosity about society's careless habit of sending food straight to landfills, the multi award-winning documentary Dive! follows filmmaker Jeremy Seifert and friends as they dumpster dive in the back alleys and gated garbage receptacles of Los Angeles' supermarkets. In the process, they salvage thousands of dollars worth of good, edible food - resulting in an eye-opening documentary that is equal parts entertainment, guerilla journalism and call to action.

Not RatedGenre: Spec. Interest-Wake Up Call  Run Time: 53 minutes   Release Date: 7/12/2011   Nights: 7   Status: (Buy for $1.00)

Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement   (2007 - DVD)
Director: Alex Jones

For the New World Order, a world government is just the beginning. Once in place they can exact their plan to end 80% of the population and help the select, chosen few of the planet live forever with the aid of advanced technology.

In Endgame, documentary filmmaker Alex Jones chronicles the history of the global elite's bloody rise to power and reveals how they have funded dictators and financed the bloodiest wars using order out of chaos to pave the way for the first true world empire. Watch as Jones and his team track the elusive, secretive Bilderberg Group to Ottawa and Istanbul to uncover their secret summits, allowing you to witness global kingpins setting the world's agenda and instigating World War III. Learn about the formation of the North American transportation control grid, which will end U.S. sovereignty forever. Discover how the practitioners of the pseudo-science Eugenics have taken control of governments worldwide as a means to carry out depopulation. View the progress of the coming collapse of the United States and the formation of the North American Union.

Never before has a documentary assembled all the pieces of the globalists' dark agenda. Endgame's compelling look at past atrocities committed by those attempting to steer the future delivers information that the controlling media has meticulously censored for over 60 years, fully revealing the elite's agenda to dominate the earth and carry out the most wicked plan in all of human history.

Endgame is not conspiracy theory, it is documented fact in the elite's own words.

Not RatedGenre: Spec. Interest-Wake Up Call  Run Time: 140 minutes   Release Date: 5/3/2011   Nights: 7   Status: (Buy for $1.00)

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room   (2005 - DVD)
Director: Alex Gibney

 · Recommended! ·
Based on the best-selling book of the same name by Fortune reporters Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind, a multidimensional study of one of the biggest business scandals in American history. The chronicle takes a look at one of the greatest corporate disasters in history, in which top executives from the 7th largest company in this country walked away with over one billion dollars, leaving investors and employees with nothing. The film features insider accounts and rare corporate audio and video tapes that reveal colossal personal excesses of the Enron hierarchy and the utter moral vacuum that posed as corporate philosophy. The human drama that unfolds within Enron's walls resembles a Greek tragedy and produces a domino effect that could shape the face of our economy and ethical code for years to come.

Rated R for language and some nudityGenre: Spec. Interest-Wake Up Call  Run Time: 110 minutes   Release Date: 1/17/2006   Nights: 7   Status: (Buy for $1.00)

Farmingville   (2004 - DVD)
Director: Carlos Sandoval, Catherine Tambini

The hate-based attempted murder of two Mexican day laborers catapults the Long Island town of Farmingville into national headlines, unmasking a new frontline of the border wars - suburbia. Blending the stories of town residents and day laborers, Farmingville reveals the human impact of mismanaged national policies that lead to fear, racism and violence.

Not RatedGenre: Spec. Interest-Wake Up Call  Run Time: 78 minutes   Release Date: 11/2/2004   Nights: 7   Status: (Buy for $1.00)

I.O.U.S.A.   (2008 - DVD)
Director: Patrick Creadon

I.O.U.S.A. tells the story of America in debt. Faced with key deficits in budget, savings, trade and leadership, increased foreign competition and ballooning financial obligations, the federal government is critically overextended. With the economy already in shambles, 78 million baby boomers are now expecting retirement benefits from their indebted federal government. Weaving together archival footage, economic data and candid interviews with Warren Buffett, Alan Greenspan, Paul O'Neill, Robert Rubin, Alice Rivlin and Paul Volcker, along with Robert Bixby of the Concord Coalition, the film offers a vivid and alarming profile of America's financial status.

Rated PG for some thematic elementsGenre: Spec. Interest-Wake Up Call  Run Time: 85 minutes   Release Date: 11/17/2009   Nights: 7   Status: (Buy for $1.00)

Last Farm in Lowell, The   (2010 - DVD)
Director: Andrew Szava-Kovats

Experience a disappearing way of life: the Family Farm. Watch more than 50 years of history unfold on "Rollie's Farm" in Lowell, Massachusetts. See Mr. & Mrs. Perron tell the story of buying the farm, and the years of struggle with taxes. See Rollie tell his story of running the farm for the last 32 years. Get to know Rollie the Farmer and Rollie the Man. It's a story we need to hear now more than ever. It's a way of life we need to protect more than ever. Come join us.

Not RatedGenre: Spec. Interest-Wake Up Call  Run Time: 60 minutes   Release Date: 7/27/2010   Nights: 7   Status: (Buy for $1.00)

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