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   Movie Lists: Easter for All Ages
      Easter bunny stories for the children and historical retelling of the greatest story ever told for all ages to enjoy

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First Easter Rabbit, The   (1976 - DVD)
Director: Arthur Rankin, Jr., Jules Bass
Starring: Narrated by Burl Ives

Did you know that without the help of Santa Claus, there might not be an Easter Bunny at all? That's the sweetly surprising story told in this animated family favorite from Rankin/Bass Productions that has enchanted generations.

Academy Award winner Burl Ives narrates and Robert Morse, Stan Freberg and Paul Frees provide character voices in a fanciful, tuneful and color-splashed tale. Stuffy the Rabbit is a cuddly toy who magically comes to life and journeys to Easter Valley, an enchanted realm where it's always springtime, even though it's not far from Santa's house. From there, the Bunny hopes to bring the first-ever basket of Easter goodies to children. But a cold-hearted ice creature named Zero refuses to allow such happiness. If he has his way, he'll freeze out Easter celebrations forever!

Not RatedGenre: Children  Run Time: 25 minutes   Release Date: 2/16/2010   Nights: 7   Status: (Buy for $1.00)

Madeline's Easter   (2002 - DVD)
Madeline and The Easter Bonnet
Bon Bon, the milk-wagon horse, is feeling blue, so Madeline and her friends try to cheer her up by turning her old hat into a beautiful new Easter bonnet. But when the wind blows the hat into a milliner's shop, it sets off a new Spring fashion sensation! See Madeline strut her stuff as she and her friends become the hit of the Easter fashion show and design an even better new bonnet just for Bon Bon!

Madeline and The Bad Hat
First he's bad, then he's too good! He's the worst thing of all - a Bad Hat! No matter what he does, he's just too much! It's hats off to Madeline as she teaches the new boy next door the right way to respect and be kind to others.

Not RatedGenre: Children  Run Time: 50 minutes   Release Date: 2/11/2003   Nights: 7   Status: (Buy for $1.00)

Passion of the Christ, The   (2004 - DVD)
Director: Mel Gibson
Starring: Jim Caviezel, Monica Belluci

The final 12 hours in the life of Jesus, scripted almost directly from the gospels (and spoken in Aramaic and Latin with a relative minimum of subtitles) and presented as a relentless, 126-minute ordeal of torture and crucifixion.

Language (with English Subtitles): Aramaic/Latin
Rated R for sequences of graphic violenceGenre: Drama  Run Time: 127 minutes   Release Date: 8/31/2004   Nights: 7   Status: (Buy for $1.00)

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