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   Movie Lists: Party Animals
      Movies where too much excess is never quite enough.

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American Pie Presents Beta House   (2007 - DVD)
Director: Andrew Waller
Starring: Eugene Levy, Jake Siegel, Julia Schneider, Meghan Heffern, Bradford Anderson, Robbie Amell

Get ready for the most hilarious and outrageous freshman year in collegiate history - American Pie/ is pledging Beta House! Join Dwight Stifler, his cousin Erik, Mr. Levenstein (Eugene Levy), and the infamous Beta House fraternity for the hottest, wildest and freshest piece of Pie ever!

Rated R for pervasive strong crude and sexual content, graphic nudity, language and excessive drinkingGenre: Comedy  Run Time: 89 minutes   Release Date: 12/23/2007   Nights: 7   Status: (Buy for $1.00)

Stealing Harvard    (2002 - DVD)
Director: Bruce McCulloch
Starring: Tom Green, Jason Lee, Megan Mullally, Dennis Farina, Leslie Mann, Chris Penn

John (Jason Lee) is a nice guy who once rashly promised his niece that he would pay for her college education. Now she's been accepted into Harvard, and though John has just the right amount of money in the bank, that money is meant to buy a house for himself and his fiancée Elaine (Leslie Mann). Afraid of disappointing his niece, John enlists his friend Duff (Tom Green) on a spree of inane criminal escapades that go wrong.

Rated PG-13 for crude and sexual humor, language and drug referencesGenre: Comedy  Run Time: 82 minutes   Release Date: 2/18/2003   Nights: 7   Status: (Buy for $1.00)

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