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Animal Movies   Talking pigs, rambunctious dogs, clever cats, and more...

Baseball Movies   Movies about America's Favorite Pastime.

Best Picture Winners   All of the Academy Award Winners for Best Picture that are available on DVD.

Big Joseph's Awesome Halloween Picks   Essential viewing for the scariest holiday of the year.

Bollywood!   Songs and dances, love triangles, comedy and dare-devil thrills!

Chick Flicks   The ones the guys won't admit to watching.

Christmas Movies   What exactly does "Yuletide Cheer" mean, anyway?

Conspiracy Lovers   Love a good documentary about a good conspiracty theory? This is your list!

Courtroom Dramas   Your Honor, I Object!

Easter for All Ages   Easter bunny stories for the children and historical retelling of the greatest story ever told for all ages to enjoy

Faith-Based Movies   Classic and modern movies with stories of Christianity and/or faith.

Famous Directors   A sample of the best works by the best filmmakers.

Film Noir   Those classic, dark mystery movies of yester-year

Hallmark Hall of Fame   When you care to watch the very best

Halloween for Kids   For kids who like Halloween treats. And during the month of October, you can rent these titles for 3 nights for only $1 each!

Historical Christianity   Movies based on Biblical times and stories.

Historical Figures   Past and present...people who made history

Hitchcock (or The Master of Suspense)   Can you spot him in each movie?

Irish Movies   Sounds like you been kissin' the Blarney Stone...

Man-ly Man Movies   The testosterone will practically fly out of your screen.

Native American Films   Culturally-enriched films set in the Native American world

Necessary Nightmares   The blood-curdling screams you hear may very well be your own.

Novels into Movies   Not a complete list, but just a sampling of some of the best movies made from a novel.

Party Animals   Movies where too much excess is never quite enough.

Patriotic Movies   From John Paul Jones to John Rambo.

Period Pieces   More than just people dressed up in funny-looking costumes.

Popular Parodies   Send-ups of famous movies or movie styles.

Religious Movies   Christian-based, religious, spirtual films.

Scholastic Books on DVD   Caldecott winners, Newberry winners and more!

Shakespeare Classic   Film adaptations of Shakespeare plays, just as they were written.

Shakespeare Reinterpreted   Movies that use Shakespeare as inspiration, but with a modern twist.

Sundance Film Festival   Movies that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

Super Heroes and Comic Books   Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane ... it's a movie rental!

Thanksgiving Movies   Turkey, dressing, gravy, and a nice big helping of family dysfunction.

True Stories   Movies that bring history to life.

Wake-Up Call   Documentaries to help us all learn more about what's truly going on in the world.


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