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Browse all Previously-Viewed Movies and Previously-Played Games for sale, or browse our list of Oscar Nominees.

Video Conversion Services
Ready to convert your old camcorder tapes to DVD? Now is the time!

Let Movietime handle your entire project for you, all done locally.

Click here to learn more!
Resurfacing Services
Have a damaged video game disc, music CD, or DVD? Bring it in for resurfacing!

For $3.00 per disc, we'll do our best to get the disc working again. The majority of discs that get resurfaced work great afterwards! But if a disc can't be fixed due to extensive damage, you don't have to pay.

For more information, drop by or give us a call at (503) 472-1925.
New Release DVD & Blu-ray $3.75 each for 2 nights
Prior Release DVD & Blu-ray $2.50 each for 7 nights
Rent 3 Prior Releases, get 2 more free!
New Release Games $5 (or 2 Pre-paid Rentals) for 3 nights on new Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii games
Prior Release Games $3.75 (or 1 Pre-paid Rental) for 7 nights on prior-release Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii and Nintendo DS games
Xbox 360 or PS3 Consoles $15 + deposit for 3 nights
PS4 Console $25 + deposit for 3 nights

Save Money with Pre-Paid Rental Packages
Purchasing pre-paid rentals is one of the many ways that Movietime Video helps you save money! Pre-paid rentals can be used on ANY DVD, Blu-ray or Video Game. They're convenient, have no time limit, and let you maximize your entertainment budget. Choose one of the following packages:
10 Rentals for $25 Only $2.50 per rental
25 Rentals for $50 Only $2.00 per rental
Store Hours:  11 AM to 8 PM Sun-Thu,
11 AM to 9 PM Fri-Sat
A Letter from the Owners

McMinnville Short Film Festival The 5th Annual McMinnville Short Film Festival will be held Oct 3, 2015 at the McMinnville Cinemas. Read about the events and pre-order tickets at!

We're proud to welcome film critic David Bates, formerly of the News-Register, now writing every week here at David's Corner. Here you'll find David's thoughtful analysis of all things cinematic in the Current Theme and Film Focus. And best of all, the selected movies in each of these categories are only $1 for 3 nights!

Read more about Movietime's own zombie film:
The Dead Hate Their Late Fees


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